Winnie dog

hey you with the pretty face...


Say hello to my right hand man... er... woman.  Never further than about ten foot from me, (unless she's managed to sneak upstairs and get on the bed, in which case she's very still and  very quiet...!!) She's doing pretty well in converting to a 'farm dog' -loving pottering around outside, running after the ponies and goats, and following me on the daily routine, waiting as I make the feeds,  then coming along to each animal as I feed them, and checking the fences with me every morning.  Whats she's not so good at is the dark here, total darkness, which makes her a bit jumpy. She also barks a lot, just incase there is a burglar and just incase there isn't...  Oh and every visitor/workman/postman calls her 'he'  - the poor girl is getting a complex ;) 
Cant imagine the place without her.