one from the show...
Today's walk

ch ch ch changes....

{apologies, I know; I have that song stuck in my head now too. Might need to watch Shrek again...} 

 Obviously theres a lot of work to be done around here, not huge great drastic changes all the time but work all the same,  to improve the house and land, and to make this home 'Ours'.  Its been a week of slow steady progress, and I thought I'd share some of them with you. 

The twenty foot too long, faded, 900 year old, cobweb covered, sitting room curtains have been replaced with made-to-measure checked curtains.  I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these beauties. And yes if getting excited about curtains of your choosing means I'm old; I'm old.  

Painted the sitting room too - its a subtle change but it was important. 

The one on the right is bulk buy scruffy magnolia, the one on the LEFT, still wet at time of photo, is dead flat matte, grey based putty colour. Its mostly about the dead flat finish for me.  
I am indeed a Farrow and Ball paint fan, but upon hearing enough decorators don't think its worth the money, I went on a mission to find flat emulsion at a better price. More fool me. Following several home blogger recommendations of  Hemsley Paint, Homebase's own version of Farrow and Ball, I happily purchased a large tin. 
Don't do it people! It was truly awful - watery, patchy, and requiring three coats to cover cream. Three coats! Who has time for that? Two days later I have finished and do indeed love the colour, but funnily enough spent so much on four tins of cheaper paint that I could have easily had my farrow and ball and one to two coats...  I've lost all enthusiasm to paint the rest of the house for a while yet too! 

Still, sat on my sofa that night, it was lovely to look around and see it much more like our house... excuse the iPhone pictures, you get the idea... 

This table came home with me, via eBay {and one heck of a drive over some mountains} and became my side table for all my lotions and potions in my room. 

Funny, when I picked it up the lady said she just didnt have time to upcycle it. It took me about 45 minutes!

The biggest job I did this week, was the front gate. This proves to me I have so much to learn about outdoor working; a couple of hours maximum was my estimate. FOUR hours it took. Four hours and a bit actually. What did? Well, the new front gate was naked bright new wood. It hung on a new fence post that looked like half a tree trunk, and sat amongst old but still sturdy fencing, with peeling brown woodstain and rusty barbed wire. {classy, I know}  The 'small bit of fence by the gate' is actually quite a long bit, it was just hidden under many feet of very scratchy ten foot high hawthorn bushes, the bottom rail of the fence was unpaintable due to foot high grasses and nettles... so you begin to get an idea of what 'creosoting the front gate' actually involved.  

here is my before picture


You can't really see the extent of rusty wire and lichen on the fence.... but trust me. 
heres my afterwards 



(It took so long that the girls came and sat with me and kept me company, hence the camping chair!)  I think the black is super smart. We still have some work to do, but yep, its coming together nicely :) 





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