mist like smoke..
those that sunbathe together...

stop. go ride your horse.

Sometimes the bigger picture is a bit overwhelming. Here I am in this beautiful place, in an almost perfect actually quite wonky but loveable house, and I have a billion things I want to do, a thousands things I ought to do and a really long list of what I need to do.  I am not very good at this slow down your lifestyle things. I am trying. But I want to finish the woodland clearing, I want to design the kitchen garden, I need to paint the fence, I have to stain the wooden gates, I can't wait to paint the rooms, I need to start finish the veggie patch and I am still trying to unpack these last few damn boxes.... 

SO in an effort to try to stop doing everything in 24 hours, I am happily riding the Puzzle pony out and about the lanes, with one of the girls on Vincent-the-cheeky .  The views are blowing our minds - grateful our ponies will happily carry on whilst we ride with one hand on the reins and one hand pointing at various landmarks and distant mountains.  Pretty funny watching the pony's face as he sees the lane literally rise up before him like a, well, mountain (hahah!) and then drop away the other side. I give thanks daily for the nonslip road nails in the horse's shoes and remind myself that little and often on these hills will make at least one of us fit.  Plus we are perfecting the art of picking giant hedgerow blackberries from horseback  {not as easy as you think} and convincing Puzz that the sheep are fairly safe creatures he can go by. There is a lot of sheep he has to go past, funnily enough, so I figure he will be sheep proof soon! 


We've met a few more neighbours, I have land envy - one of them has 600 acres. Six hundred. Does he need all six hundred? Can I have some? Six hundred!!! I am so in awe....  He's a really nice, funny guy and now stops the tractor mid field to chat to husband and I if he sees us. He has a neighbour who has goats I can have, apparently. Oh, and do I want some kittens. (LOVE living here ;) ) Told him its fine I'll re-home pretty much any animal. He warned me that was careless talk around farmers ;)  I refused the kittens however, we have a busy road alongside part of our land and I am not losing a cat to traffic accidents again.  
Sheep are arriving soon, not mine I hasten to add; his, they will live in the fields next door to us. Looking forward to introducing them to totally batty goats, a barking vizsla, and ponies who snort at them. Yeah, that will be so fun....!

In amongst  the weird shopping - trust me, move somewhere more rural than before and you find you have the craziest shopping list - ladders, lightbulbs, equipment to make the wifi go thro 200 year old barn walls, horse feed, fence posts, industrial hosepipes, yet another part for the quad to pull along, etc etc, - we have managed to do the school uniform shopping. I forget every year how rubbish that is to actually do, so tedious. Decided anything I have forgotten I am just ordering online, cannot bear one more giant store trip in such of sizes they sold in July. (Yes, I should be the July shopper but honestly... I never will be)  

The best bit about venturing to nearby town in search of such stuff is not only the view on the way - mountains behind all views, even the supermarkets. I am the only idiot stood gawping in the car park I think... and of course thencoming home! Welly boots straight back on and out to do something outside. All pressures and stresses forgotten.  Just these crazy clouds to watch. 






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Mel... it's simply perfect... wow.

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