Making a list, checking it twice, losing it, making it again...
Bleach or horse feed; there is no in between

One way or another.



In the blur that was moving day, a day of waiting, rushing and waiting and rushing again, I didn't think to write much down. 

The removal men were both great and yet vaguely annoying (can I say that? Well I just did…) They were brilliant at the job, but not without the grumbling and huffing and puffing about heavy things, heavy boxes, so much stuff etc etc.. I guess it comes with the job really.  They packed everything. Everything. Things that I had put to one side, things that weren't actually coming with us, and they even packed the pet carrier…. before the chickens could be put in it! (Chickens travelled in my pick up in a good old  cardboard box, they were fine, but the pet carrier is still brand new and unused hahaha…) 

They really did make me laugh tho, and I am grateful for their humour, even if it wasn't quite on the same level as mine.  I recall all of them stood open mouthed at me and one of my dearest friends who were stood sobbing, clutching each other, on the driveway as we said goodbye.  You’d think goodbyes were something they see everyday, but apparently not! 


In my car - the fun car ;) - was the youngest, the dog, the chickens, the iMac, the saddles and a billion little things I didn't realise I hadn't packed until the last minute. It was a very full car indeed. The playlist was mostly 80s and 90s old school - essential singing along stuff - and the sat nav was switched on. I’d agreed to follow my sat nav and not try to keep up with the husband. Follow it, he said, do not deviate. Got it. 


Sat navs, as you may know, are a law unto themselves. It began badly when it insisted I left the real road and head off down a single track road via a pretty favourite walk of mine. Whilst it was lovely to see this particular area before `I left, it was definitely NOT the usual way to Wales. Still, perhaps it knew something I did not, so fretting somewhat I followed my directions from the politest slightly snooty sat nav lady. Saw parts of Hampshire I had never ever seen, but hey, eventually we reached a real main road and I began to breath again. 


A handful of telephone check ins with the husband now and again to reassure me I was heading towards Wales and finally, after a lot of old school songs, Starbucks, such long dull motorways  and touches of road rage, we saw the big blue span of the bridge across to Wales. Hurrah!
but the sat nav had other ideas and suggested we turn left before the bridge got any closer.  Turn left…. Or head to the bridge I can just about see? Remembering I promised to follow the sat nav I turned left at the last minute……. And the bridge vanished from sight. Wait, what? Where was my bridge? Just as Daisy and I were freaking out about it, ta-da! the bridge came into view.  Carefully picking the right lane to pay the toll, and there we were on the blue bridge to Wales. Except, this bridge was white. And little.  Looking to the left I could see the blue bridge in the distance.   Brilliant; my sat nav had taken me across the old bridge, absolutely nowhere near the route I knew.  Probably not a good time to check in with the husband who was incredulous I could miss a main bridge like that. 



We did get here, we beat everyone else too, and got to collect the keys and be the first through the doors.  Which makes up a little for the fact me completely missing the big bridge is going to be one of those stories everyone in my family tells…





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