so its goodnight from here.

So the time has come to close my little blog and concentrate on new things. 

Instagram is my comment/photo home, and I'm just not so comfortable on here anymore. I have sadly no interest in sponsored posts, nor trying to out do my friends blogs with better viewing numbers and following.  

Its fabulous being so busy and so content in our new world but that leaves little time for blogging, and therefore for now,  its over and out.



projects, mud and fitting in.

New project begins on the land soon. I love projects and work being done/doing the work on our land. It doesn't matter how much snow/rain/mud/curved balls this land throws at us, its our land and I love love love that.  Possibly I fall out with the land a bit when dealing with mud, (and the mini flood from the snow thaw really tested my Pollyanna attitude) but I do really enjoy  it. all of it.Even the overgrown brambles. Even the old metal junk half buried in the top of the woodland.  Even the, I don't like the mud, however much I try.
We have a list of 'you need to do that soon' advised projects, and a list of what we'd like to do projects, should keep us rather broke busy for about five years minimum.

I am thrilled when we get to the start of a new project. Even the ones you cant see - like drainage, or floor joists - it just feel so good to invest time love and effort into our real home. I appreciate I sound sickly cheesy. I apologise, but I am 'still' loving living here, and being here. I say 'still' because people keep asking me - still like owning land? still like Wales? As if I'd change my mind by now. I haven't. I am here to stay, you can bury me in the bottom field.  I also get a big kick out of before/during/after photos. And improving things, genuinely making life easier or nicer for ourselves. awesome. 

Could possibly be the most annoying person a tradesman has ever met tho,... I do make their tea often, but I also want to watch, help and know exactly whats happening why and where. Because I'd do it myself if I knew what the heck to do, or because the bit they are doing leads to the bits I can do.  Plus, often its the first time I have ever seen, up close whatever it is they are doing.
I did not know an awful lot of things til I got here. Not how a chimney sweep uses a drill, not how to build a French drain, not what a four string bale is, not the difference between sheep and horse hay, not how to cement rural stones {disclaimer -or any stone) You would now be bored/impressed with my knowledge of different types of rubble - yes rubble- and the best way to build a drive. Totally useful. Somewhere. 

Herein lies some confusion - 'back' in England, I was the weird country girl, who kept chickens, horses, dogs, baked cakes and was usually covered in straw or mud or both. 
Here I am still covered in straw and mud. But, whilst experienced at keeping horses/chickens/dogs/straw I am not experienced in how farmers do it. or locals do it, or how not to get the car stuck in mud. So I'm the city girl.  here. But not in the city.


I am just going to keep on, smiling politely at the 'sentimental city girl' comments here ( - some utterly well deserved) sort of laughing at the 'farm girl' comments from back in the city, and making my way until I get it right. ( Or own a tractor. I think that might swing it here ;))

At least still being covered in mud and straw means everyone recognises me, city or country folk!


New home item

What would I chose for #myhousethismonth 's prompt of 'new home item' .

 After all, most things in the barn are pretty new, this whole house is new to us, and we have an awful lot of gorgeous house-y Christmas gifts now too. I decided to take it very literally, and share the newest things, arrived the day before!
IMG_2475No, not the dog, she's been around a bit now ;) but the velvet cushions. Moment I straightened them for a picture, Winnie jumped up, assuming the photo was about her. To be fair, she's usually the star of my iPhone shots! 

Playing along with My House This Month

If you are familiar with this hashtag on instagram you'll know every month a new photo prompt challenge is set and people share house/design/item photos. If you aren't familiar and you are on instagram - do have a look, its great fun, there is a prize and there are A LOT of gorgeous insta accounts to discover this way too.

I'm turning mine into blog posts too, 

so  the first one was -New Year goals?

That would be these two, we have some fitness levels to achieve this year. I've got to say I am so excited at having these two to ride. Buuuuuuut the current levels of rain, crazy gale force winds and 90,000 tonnes of mud, are making it hard to get a good start. I just keep chanting - spring is coming, spring is coming.  Because it is right? even if its far far far away right now...