Five for **** ‘goodness’ sake things....


  1. when you stupidly innocently reply to a ‘does anyone have any recommendations for...’ on Facebook. And forget you NEVER do this because ten people will like your recommendation....and twenty will take the time to shoot down your recommendation and lecture you. Ffs. 
  2. The noise an awful lot of snow makes as it begins to slide down a roof. Think titanic sound effects and the fact you will lie awake wondering how strong your roof actually IS
  3. Emails that arrive in the early hours and light up your entire room because you accidentally left your phone face up. These are never ‘hey you’ve won the lottery’ emails either. 
  4. Playground politics. In or out of a playground. Drama free zone here. Move along....or -if you make me roll my eyes you can sod off. 
  5. Why you’re awake at 3am. But then- See above. 

super snow...


We have had record levels of snow, - of course, for our first winter here lets do it properly! ;) the pictures above are from day one of snow - hahaha I thought that was 'snow' 

Day two taught me exactly what a 'snow day' means! 


we are at over 30cm and snow forecast until at least 2am. 

If nobody hears from me for a while - send cake.... 


December daily


So excited to create December Daily this year. I've been making this scrapbook of our daily December life for years, but this year, here in our new home, it takes on a new purpose! 

This is the front cover and I will be sharing some of the daily pages too. 

I have land envy

I thought I found a grave this morning out on my hike.  Weirdly randomly placed 'gravestone' half way up the hill in a very windswept gorgeous moorland. Peering at the lichen covered writing I could just about read Lord someone dated 18 something ... 

 When I got home Google wasn't helping, and insisted there were no gravestones on this path.  Round and round I went on google, until finally... I found it.

Not a gravestone, but one of a collection of early 1800's boundary stones.  You can read it here.

 Its grade II listed!
And you can see Earl of Ashbourne mentioned here. And note his family at one point, had almost 8000 acres of Wales. {But lived in Sussex.... ? this is just greedy...} This is the most beautiful area, with the boundary stone overlooking stunning views,  and I am deeply envious of his 8000 acres.



Apparently there are not many pictures of it online, so there you go, Consider yourself lucky to view it ;)