ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday...

1) Repairing wire fences with thick wire is not as simple as that sounds. It cuts fingers. and makes me wonder about more tetanus shots. And causes me to swear at sheep - who are the idiots sticking their heads thro wire stock fencing and getting stuck, panicking like hell and breaking the wire.... Our sheep neighbours are very pretty, but lacking somewhat in brain cells. 

2) I think we just fund the local pest control around here. So far, our loft has had mice, and the start of cluster flies. I will take mice over cluster flies any time, In fact I will take 1000 angry wasps over cluster flies. Do not google life of a cluster fly. You won't sleep. and will feel bad for the earth worms. We also have 'problem moles' being trapped next week. I think all moles are problem moles.... and if you think they are cute grey furry things like I used to then you've never watched them wreck your grazing and cause honeycomb holes that threaten your horses legs... I made the mistake of asking what else the pest control guy deals with as we seem to be working thro his list. NEVER do this. I itched for ages after he reeled off everything possible. ugh. 

3) Goats are contrary. They will not eat soaked grass nuts - even tho its a goat food item - because they do not like any wet food. BUT they will eat the horses soaked grass nuts, from the horses bowl, by reaching through the fence. The same grass nuts. wet ones. that in their bucket they turn their noses up at...  Same for hay. Horses hay - yummy. Same hay put in goats field - awful.   It is a good job they are cute. And that their coats are now super thick and fluffy because stealing horses food may well get you a bite from the horse! 

4) Spent a while with Daisy making some homemade firelighters as suggested on Pinterest; melting tea lights and covering fir cones with the wax... the only thing I can say is the house smelt nice, of scented tealights, but as firelighters they were rubbish. Can someone please filter Pinterest for crap that doesn't work so I can spend my time better???!

5) I still haven't figured out how they made it 'snow' in town as the Christmas lights were turned on.  It wasn't real snow, but it was 'snowing' everywhere and for a good few minutes I thought it was snow. Nobody tell me, I like the idea it snowed just for a few magical minutes okay?  ;)

6) Found myself giving someone directions to a new favourite walk of mine. I am totally as bad as the locals now with my directions - 'go up the big hill and turn by the funny tree stump, you know past the farm with the cream walls, go right, not first right but the main right turn'  This is what happens when not a single lane round here has a name. The locals are much better at it, because they grid reference by peoples names and houses - up near Davies' house, past Annes old cottage, etc etc. I don't know the names so I resort to tree descriptions!! 

7) Winnie has learnt if I pick up my big camera chances are we are headed out on a hike. You know how other dogs get excited by their lead being picked up? Nope, my dog spies the camera being loaded and starts to leap about with delight.... 

8)  Tired of mild wet weather. If you save this sentence you can throw it back at me on a month or so.... but we NEED the frost and the cold temps. The land does, the horrible midges are still happily flying about and biting the poor shetland, and the bugs and viruses will only get worse if the cold doesn't hurry up. Gateway mud is also much much better when frozen. 

9) The ensuite that was never supposed to be revamped, but for many reasons ended up having to be, and gutted to joist level in the process,  is nearly finished.  I think we have one more project this year and then nothing for months. I'm actually going to be lost without workmen about the place! Will be overbuying tea and sugar for months, lol. and missing the local gossip news and top advice. 

10) Rescue chooks are getting brave. No longer terrified of approaching people, they will now run over to see if you have food. And have begun venturing much further than they should. HOW they get to the other side of solid fences, or completely different sides of the house and gardens I don't know, but they certainly can. We are 3/4 feathers regrown too, so soon they won't look even slightly pitiful and will be fully glossy ginger feathered ladies. The charity they came from also rescue ducks, roosters, and turkeys.  All I can say to that is a I don't want any roosters. ;)