first post

Begin again

As I begin to pack up my family to move approx 166 miles to the most beautiful place on earth I thought I'd pack up my old blog too.

Didn't quite know what title to give this brand new blog. I thought about the not so lonely goatherd, except I am the owner of just two goats- and a lot of things that aren't goats.... 

I contemplated Keeping up with the Joneses, except I wasn't sure everyone would get the reference to the Welsh surname and simply assume I'm trying to 'keep up' as in pretend to be posh. hahaha. 
In fact, there's a list of about ten rejected blog names, before I settled on Views from a Hillside.  Views as in mostly photographs, but 'points of views' too, as we have plenty of those in our house. Insightful views too, incase you ever felt the need to put everything you own in a box and drag it to somewhere rural, thats without phone signal and famous for rain.

Hillside, because the house is indeed surrounded by hills, and on a hillside. And its also called that, except in welsh, and as soon as we can all pronounce it properly {ongoing battle to conquer welsh pronunciation properly and not sound so English} I'll let you know. 

 I can't believe, after * pauses to count on fingers * eleven (11!!!) years writing a blog I would dare to begin again, fresh blog, new pages, no archives. 

But... rambling family/photo blogs can go on a bit. Good points for fresh starts are hard to come by and this seems like the most perfect spot to do just that; begin again.


Here you can keep track of what we are doing, how we are doing and if we survive the snow, rain and antics of our ever growing animal herd. Moving from the edge of a city to the edge of a mountain. Piece of cake right? ;)