super snow...
Todays hike



Five for **** ‘goodness’ sake things....


  1. when you stupidly innocently reply to a ‘does anyone have any recommendations for...’ on Facebook. And forget you NEVER do this because ten people will like your recommendation....and twenty will take the time to shoot down your recommendation and lecture you. Ffs. 
  2. The noise an awful lot of snow makes as it begins to slide down a roof. Think titanic sound effects and the fact you will lie awake wondering how strong your roof actually IS
  3. Emails that arrive in the early hours and light up your entire room because you accidentally left your phone face up. These are never ‘hey you’ve won the lottery’ emails either. 
  4. Playground politics. In or out of a playground. Drama free zone here. Move along....or -if you make me roll my eyes you can sod off. 
  5. Why you’re awake at 3am. But then- See above. 


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