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Five on Friday, but on Monday

1)Having been battered by storm Ophelia gales a week or so ago, and then absolutely soaked by Storm Brian this Saturday I'm ready for some cold but dry weather please. I like cold weather, knowing its killing viruses and flies and hideous biting insects.  I'm kind like that.  Apparently any day now we could have snow sprinkled on the top of the mountains around us. Brace yourself for a billion look at the white mountains pictures then! 

2)I am an expert in online research. I work in social media don't forget ;) I never buy anything without a little research, I never hire anyone without research either. And I will research everything my other half wants, or who he hires too. People are blunt and honest on social media and it makes for eye opening reading.  I say it time and time again - place yourself on social media by all means, but only the good stuff, or the politically correct stuff - if you wouldn't want your granny reading it - don't write it. And when it comes to items - go ahead dan leave a review. good bad or somewhere in-between, you are saving people making a costly mistake or promoting a lovely little business/item that needs all the support it can get.  Currently ask me what you like about water troughs/coffee machines/mountain boots/hall stands/plumbers in our area.... !

3) Hawthorn is an utter utter bast**d. And blackthorn come to that. It not only has barbed thorns, but it triggers histamines when it punctures you, causing swelling, redness, soreness and unbelievable pain from such tiny thing. I have a deep puncture in my finger right now from this morning  and suspect it will be completely seized up by tomorrow. lovely. I really hope the goats appreciated the branches I picked for them......!! and how the hell do they, with their soft soft mouths eat that stuff??? 

4) five on Friday is today on Monday because this is the calm before the storm... not a storm storm but a mad {omg mad}  busy period of over a week. Of new arrivals, heaps of season farm work, visitors - plural groups of - and deadlines of work. You're right I could just schedule this for Friday but I feel I may have died of hawthorn wounds by then it will be out of date by then!! 

5) Today involves paint, but thankfully not wall paint - all decorating enthusiasms has dried up for a month or so yet!! - and paint makes me happy. It also involves digital designing which makes me super happy and, of course, a good dose of animals and fresh air as always. No more hawthorn tho if possible... 


iPhone picture of 3/4 of my people herd because they make me so happy...






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