Rainy day walks
make do and mend....

ever growing CV

Seriously; I have now used *fire cement. Something I can assure you I never knew even existed. Its an utter pain in the arse to manipulate but now the gap in-between the chimney and liner has been filled.  I know - domesticated doesn't even begin to cover it.  ;) 

I have also fixed the back step. I think. 

such an impressive every growing list...**

Built a chicken run. using the right equipment and electric screwdrivers instead of just baler twine. 

Rebuilt part of a stone wall that hasn't moved for hundreds of years.  not completely sure it will make the next hundred.

Driven a quad. briefly, well its a blue job, definitely.

creosoted much fencing. never again until next year.

dried nettles. ***

* fire cement; like a cross between actual cement and silicon. Fills holes in things like stoves and wood burners. withstands heat to stupid degrees. Black and requires throw away gloves. thank goodness amazon knew what my chimney sweep was on about.  

** disclaimer, I'm not suggesting I am actually any very good at these things, just that I've done them... ;)

*** for ungrateful ponies and goats to eat. I detest stinging nettles, even with layers of clothes and gloves on the damn things still managed to sting me. 



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