early morning goats...
because; art.

Things you probably haven't said in your house this week

hurrah, at least that radiator isn't green anymore...

the firewood is in the pet carrier

that plug socket is not on the same ring main as the rest of the room, or house

Just rip the floor up, it will be fine



the large downstairs spare room is now the home office. It was painted the most awful shade of tired minty green, with orange and red swirly curtains {I kid you not}  Even the radiator was painted with wall paint and the same awful green.  It is now mostly a soft coffee cream colour and the curtains are textured caramel fabric. I say mostly because the electrician has cut many long channels in one wall whilst putting in more plug sockets. He hasn't finished, so the long holes are still there... looking for all the world like we have very tidy mice chewing walls in straight lines....

The large delivery of hardwood for the wood burner arrived and a pile was carefully carried into the sitting room. All the buckets were missing when Daisy was doing this, so she used the pet carrier... 

The barn, despite being only 15 years old -in house not barn terms, has already had one room converted many times; from a garage, to a kitchen to a large dining room to an office. The electrics were a bit of an afterthought in there it seems, and do not correspond to the laws of normal electrics.  I think the electrician was wishing he'd never met us at one point.

The floor one is a long story. How can we live here just over a month and have a long story? I know; but we do. Since moving in, there has been this weird slightly awful at times smell in the ensuite. Its is not sewage, it is not dead animals, it is not faulty electrics, it is not damp. Its like....yeast. marmite. vitamin tablets.  Its not in the roof, its not in the walls, its not in the pipes, or sink.  So fed up with it, and with each expert saying its not this but never saying it IS anything, we have decided to rip up the floor, and eventually revamp the entire bathroom floors and walls.  If nothing else it will be fun, right? ;) 






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