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left and right


Early morning, if you look left from the top of our land, you see sneaky peeks of the sunrise over the black mountains. And sometimes the most amazing thundery cloudscapes too.


If you look right {and go through a gate and through the wooded part from the first view...) from our land you see the Beacons, (or the famous collection of the horseshoe group of mountains in the beacons, to be exact) 

Its never the same view twice, but first thing when the sun just begins to hit the slopes, is my favourite.  



little bits of this week

I now know what the burglar alarm sounds like and how to set it off..... and luckily how to turn it off, even tho the instructions are vague descriptions that don't really match the buttons in front of me.  I now also know a power cut will reset the alarm, causing it to go off once the power comes back on and anyone opens a door... and scare the hell out of you.

Isolation can hit you at weird times. I do not/will not have trouble making friends and I do not mind my own company.... but sometimes you just crave a friendly face and a proper conversation. Despite the fact I am now a recognisable face to a handful of people who say 'hello how are you' theres no cup of tea and a gossip people I know locally yet.  If your husband is at work, your  girls at school and you find yourself in town with free time.... its a bit mad to go up to a person and say 'hello, will you be my friend?'  Texts, phone calls, emails - all lovely, but not the same. It will come, but yes I had a day where I wobbled a bit.  
If you want to know how I solved it - best friend texts, a sister conversation, a word with myself and a bloody good walk in the hillsides.  

The list of people we need/have used here is ever growing. I found the Drs surgery and we are finally all registered. I have found but not yet registered at the dentists, I need to find a farrier and register the herd at the vets. However I am on first name terms with the pest control man {not, as my husband supposed, actually called 'mouse man' but Roy), we have a plumber, and an electrician. Not to mention the fencing/chainsaw man, who transformed our land. The skip man, who is a regular here. And the postman and the parcel delivery man who-thanks to me,  find themselves working more hours and being here every day pretty much ;) Husband is on first name terms with the garden and land machinery store owner... 

The small community is a lovely if a surprising thing for us townies... I keep finding people in the local town and villages who know exactly who we are already - 'new people in the barn conversion on the so and so road'

There will be a lady in one store who has a relative  in the next farm down from us, a horsey person at the show who has a neighbour who is doing up the cottages in our lane, and had heard we had moved in.  We are part of it, sort of, and I like that. I like the word of mouth recommendations, I like the advice and I love the banter and comments.  Love the fact the postman told me I was 'definitely doing it wrong' when he saw me creosote the main gate a couple of weeks ago, and how now the other day he let slip a passing comment about how I'd 'done a good job on that front gate'.  Like to wave at the farmer of the next field, and see him stop the tractor for a brief chat. Knowing that all these people would help us, if we asked. 
People genuinely talk to you too. Ask to stroke a persons dog { I can't help myself, I do this all the time} and before you know it, they are asking about your kids, your dog, and telling you their kids stories.  It leaves you with a smile and a good feeling. That no doubt reads a bit silly to anyone who lives in such community and tasked it for granted, and cheesy as hell, but honestly, its so nice, I appreciate it. 

There are so many places to go. So many places to eat, to visit, to walk. You'd think - well we did - it would be less so, outside a city. But no, there are events, seasonal events, tourist attractions, local knowledge kind of places, a billion restaurants and coffee shops in hidden quirky places. There are views in every direction, hills, mountains, walks, hikes.... I am in awe.

Teenagers, and those nearly teenagers, are hard work, no matter where you live.  

A woodburner lit on a chilly wet day is a joyous thing. 

I am, much to the amusement of some, missing my Waitrose.  Nothing wrong with the local supermarket. Just far more attached to some particular food items than I realised... 

If everyone around here says 'oh I know where you live, that barn conversion on the so and so road, I remember when that  was just a barn!...' then everyone back in Hampshire says 'do you own any sheep yet' or asks if I know welsh yet.    {no, and no} 

The animals are all genuinely happy.  Cheeky fun personalities showing up, regular eggs from the hens {technically in retirement and not really in laying prime... but hey} , confidence from the nervous 'baby' goats and a much better life for our super dog. 

The excitement of the mud here being 'pink' {it truly is, slate rock and clay mud equals pink mud} wanes slightly with the learning that it stains.  hmmmm. Jeans, coats, ponies white markings... all now tinged dirty pink. 


Picture of Puzzle pony for no reason, other than he's so damn handsome... 

hey you with the pretty face...


Say hello to my right hand man... er... woman.  Never further than about ten foot from me, (unless she's managed to sneak upstairs and get on the bed, in which case she's very still and  very quiet...!!) She's doing pretty well in converting to a 'farm dog' -loving pottering around outside, running after the ponies and goats, and following me on the daily routine, waiting as I make the feeds,  then coming along to each animal as I feed them, and checking the fences with me every morning.  Whats she's not so good at is the dark here, total darkness, which makes her a bit jumpy. She also barks a lot, just incase there is a burglar and just incase there isn't...  Oh and every visitor/workman/postman calls her 'he'  - the poor girl is getting a complex ;) 
Cant imagine the place without her.