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Faster than the speed of light

We have uber fast amazing broadband. 

It comes via a glass cable ( so he indoors says) and is so fast because the glass cable fibre cable comes into our house as opposed to just our road. 



This is somewhat dulled by the fact in order to get it through 200 year old barn walls into all rooms we needed to buy this set of technical plastic disks, with blue lights on. 

These bounce the signal. Or boost the signal. Or something. 

Amazing technology. 


You have to have line these things up. Exactly.

If I move one two inches to the left I stop the internet working upstairs. Or if I dust one and put it down ‘wrong’ the internet stops altogether. 

They are UGLY. They do not fit with my farmhouse decor.  They have a billion foot of cables. I can't move them. Or put them at the back of a sideboard. 

I'm pretty much constantly in trouble for attempting to tidy them up and halting the wifi across the house. 

When it works it is very good. 

And when it doesn't… I go walking outside. The view is worth a million loaded pages anyway! 

luckily ;)




Bin it

By rights we should have a lot of dustbins.

We should be knee deep in them. 

There were no dustbins here when we moved in, so we dutifully requested them from the council. 

By phone. 

And then, when days went by, by the all singing and all dancing council website. 

And then, when weeks went by, by phone again. 


An email arrived saying hurrah your new dustbins have been delivered. 

Looking down our long driveway - nope. No dustbins. 

We looked for them. In case they were you know hiding, because I sure as hell couldnt see them. 


Another email arrived - how was the service and new dustbins. Ha. 


So the request for even more bins has been submitted. 

Apparently the problem is nobody can find us. 

Now, I realised visitors from England might struggle to find us. I'm getting used to delivery drivers not finding us, but I did think the locals - binmen are local surely?- would find us easily. 

Apparently not. 


Every single farmer from around here knows our house. And one of them suggested the best way to find a place round here is by a very distinctive landmark. 

That's what you need, he said, a really distinct landmark. 


Just as soon as I can think of something suitable, -oh and a delivery driver that can find us to deliver it, then we will no doubt be knee deep in dustbins. 






seeing red...


Noted this red tree whilst out walking and had to take its picture... lets all celebrate standing out after all. Not until I downloaded the picture tho, did I notice its kind of heart shaped in amongst the trees there... always a sucker for anything heart shaped :)  {Click on the picture to see it bigger}

Things you probably haven't said in your house this week

hurrah, at least that radiator isn't green anymore...

the firewood is in the pet carrier

that plug socket is not on the same ring main as the rest of the room, or house

Just rip the floor up, it will be fine



the large downstairs spare room is now the home office. It was painted the most awful shade of tired minty green, with orange and red swirly curtains {I kid you not}  Even the radiator was painted with wall paint and the same awful green.  It is now mostly a soft coffee cream colour and the curtains are textured caramel fabric. I say mostly because the electrician has cut many long channels in one wall whilst putting in more plug sockets. He hasn't finished, so the long holes are still there... looking for all the world like we have very tidy mice chewing walls in straight lines....

The large delivery of hardwood for the wood burner arrived and a pile was carefully carried into the sitting room. All the buckets were missing when Daisy was doing this, so she used the pet carrier... 

The barn, despite being only 15 years old -in house not barn terms, has already had one room converted many times; from a garage, to a kitchen to a large dining room to an office. The electrics were a bit of an afterthought in there it seems, and do not correspond to the laws of normal electrics.  I think the electrician was wishing he'd never met us at one point.

The floor one is a long story. How can we live here just over a month and have a long story? I know; but we do. Since moving in, there has been this weird slightly awful at times smell in the ensuite. Its is not sewage, it is not dead animals, it is not faulty electrics, it is not damp. Its like....yeast. marmite. vitamin tablets.  Its not in the roof, its not in the walls, its not in the pipes, or sink.  So fed up with it, and with each expert saying its not this but never saying it IS anything, we have decided to rip up the floor, and eventually revamp the entire bathroom floors and walls.  If nothing else it will be fun, right? ;) 





early morning goats...


Heavy dew every morning now, I'm sure we are a mere hairs breath from our first frosts. Slight change of plan to the grazing rota - all very well making one in your head, but weather, and contractors tend to factor in real life, and alter all the best laid plans.  Learning fast that just because it looks good on paper - or in an experts book/article - doesn't mean it will actually pan out that way on your land. I constantly get the feeling my future self will look back and laugh so much at my current self and her simplistic ideas.!!