Excitement, worry and procrastination
One way or another.

Making a list, checking it twice, losing it, making it again...

I am a list person. 
Not a very organised list person, but a list person none the less. 
Moving house creates some serious lists.  We have had the what kind of house would we want list stage, the what should we sort out before we chose an area lists, the shortlist of houses list, the what do we need at that house list, the schools list, the have you rung ... list, the what to pack list, and here we are at the frantic list stage.
Its no longer well thought out typed neat lists, oh no, now its random, erratic thoughts hurriedly scribbled on any old piece of paper.
"Defrost fridge!' and 'Pack bin bags!' shout at me from a post it note, theres a what to remember to pack in the car not the lorry list pinned to the fridge and theres a piece of paper just proclaiming 'Chickens!!!' on my desk.  (Luckily all my lists are aimed at myself, and I know that 'Chickens!!!' is an abbreviated way of reminding myself to clean out and hose down the chicken run before the removal men arrive) 

I am looking forward to throwing all these lists out. Cannot wait for that point where it is all done and too late to do anymore. Get in the car, shut the door and the only list is the list of directions the sat nav shouts on the way. I'm so tired of the 'almost time to move'. Just want to BE moved now.  T-minus 2 days!!


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