Begin again
Excitement, worry and procrastination

how do you pack...?

Help! how do you pack the last things? This will be my 14th house move. I know, you'd think by now I could pack up house in my sleep, right? To be fair I can pretty much. I know how to pack, what to pack - and how to unpack to reduce bedlam at the other end. What I am rubbish at is the packing of essentials. If I pack the kitchen up, I leave out 'just these few things' incase I need them. Only... how likely am I to need all my baking stuff in the week before we move? I don't have time to sit down never mind bake! Yet, ever the optimist, I leave out cake tins and scales, just  incase... I should also confess I left out my paints 'just incase' I had time to create something new. hahaha.....
I do not unplug my computer until the hours before we leave, and I have no idea how to begin packing the larder incase I need those ingredients for cooking something.... 

The husband is even worse, he refuses to acknowledge the move and the need to pack until oh, about 36 hours beforehand. So his man cave of musical instruments and business computer is untouched by boxes or packing tape.  I can't even look in there without breaking out into a cold sweat.

Make a box of essentials, they say, to take with you. Okay, but just the one box? I have essentials - kitchen, essentials - household, essentials - pet, and essentials -bathroom.  I essentially have a problem narrowing it all down. Maybe I need to stop thinking leave this out just incase, and start thinking pack it IN a case!!  T-minus 6 days. Excited. slightly panicky. 


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