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There are three vines on the outside of our home. Two non invasive and one out of hand and trying to grow thro the roof tiles... apparently thats also mostly likely the way mice get in the roof space. Oh lovely. So today, even tho I don't do heights, I was balanced on a step ladder as far as I could reach, cutting down vines to a decent compromise of  'Thats pretty on the house' but not 'Oh you've trashed the roof'  Forty six miles of wisteria later - never in my life did I think 'too much' wisteria would be a bad thing, but you live and learn - and its cut back to the top of the ground floor windows, trailing nicely along, and not covering the roof corner and hanging in all directions. By the way; should you ever need a vine strong enough to hold a middle-aged woman off the floor, then fifteen year old wisteria is your best bet. I was swinging on the damn thing and it would not budge.
Anyhow, the already full skip is now even more full of vine, both wisteria and the Virginia creeper. Every time I cut down large plants or branches I am surprised how strenuous it is. After this and the tree lopping yesterday I feel like I've been in a wrestling match and lost. 
I've so much landscaping - general hacking back of overgrown stuff, lets call it landscaping shall we - to do I am somewhat overwhelmed.  I know I don't have to do it all at once, the husband reminds me of this every day, but I WANT to do it all at once,  - ego verses practicality right? ;)

Before anyone really garden-y tells me so, I do know its a bit early to prune a wisteria. Its also not a good time to lose part of my roof however, so you know...

I keep looking at the slightly sloping back garden lawn. At some point I will have flower beds and some type of design out there.  Unlike the woodland and field landscaping however, this is not calling to me right now. It looks like work, not fun. And dull as it is right now, an L-shaped lawn with happy chickens pottering about on it, it is easy to just cut and keep at the moment. Theres also an evergreen hideous thick evergreen hedge in it that I don't want, but looks ridiculously hard or expensive to remove.... plus the husband thinks its 'not that bad' so it will have to 'disappear' one day when he is not here... ;) 

Super grateful the goats arrived here today, I love those little delinquents very much. Giving them a day to settle in and then I expect them to eat the landscaping issues right back for me. What eats nettles? ( my pet goats don't) Whatever eats nettles needs to come and live with me.





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