One way or another.
go slowly.

Bleach or horse feed; there is no in between

Since moving in, I smell. I smell of bleach. Or of fresh garden earth, or horses. Of mint chaff horse feed, aloe vera horse gel, dog shampoo, bathroom cleaner, or hand cream. 

I also ache. From the slight hillside we are on - not so slight when walking it often. From the amount of walking required in this house to get from one room to another. From the lifting of so many boxes. (So many boxes. Sigh…) 

I am also tired. A good tired from fresh air and physically working hard. And from my head mentally sorting out the house even when I stop for the night. 


I am also happy.  A deep quiet contentment. Nothing is perfect, most things aren't even unpacked. A fair bit needs buying or fixing. But you cannot stand outside, surrounded by these views and be anything other than deeply happy with the world. 




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This just makes me smile... :)

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