views indeed

{not} over it


When we lived in HampshireI think we saw maybe three or four rainbows a year.  They were rare. I would stop the car, grab a camera, take many pictures and freak out about them. 

Here I seem to have moved to the Land of Rainbows because we see them all the time, sometimes three or four a day. Huge ones, vibrant ones, entire arches.  {Yes it did rain in Hampshire, no it doesn't really rain more here}

As a photographer they just make me sooo happy. I still grab the camera and freak out about them. I am not over it ;)





under the waterfall...


We are lucky enough to be surrounded by countryside smattered with  beautiful waterfalls, including this one which you can walk behind. If you so wish! Some of my herd did, and got exceptionally wet in the process!  Love waterfalls, from the mighty roaring types to the trickling down the hillside types. Impossible to walk by without taking a picture! 

welsh ponies

Wild welsh ponies are very different from the 'wild' {not remotely wild, owned and cared for} new forest ponies back in Hampshire. For a start these are often actually wild... unhandled, utterly wary of people and not remotely likely to pinch your picnic like the New forest pony.
 Rather beautiful, short, and with the trademark dished faces and big, big eyes, they are one of the oldest British breeds. I come across these ponies occasionally when out hiking across the uplands and moors. They really do hide, and appear randomly, only to be gone again moments later. 




These three hung around and watched me go by, not at all impressed by my offers to come and live with me cheery hellos and friendly comments, they eyed me suspiciously all the way. I turned back to check just as I got out of their sight, and yep; they were still watching me go.