high on a hill

so its goodnight from here.

So the time has come to close my little blog and concentrate on new things. 

Instagram is my comment/photo home, and I'm just not so comfortable on here anymore. I have sadly no interest in sponsored posts, nor trying to out do my friends blogs with better viewing numbers and following.  

Its fabulous being so busy and so content in our new world but that leaves little time for blogging, and therefore for now,  its over and out.




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Esther A

Well, that is sad, but I do enjoy catching up with the antics of your menagerie and family via facebook and elsewhere.
I have not posted at my blog for so long. I just couldn't face doing yet another "bad me, haven't posted for so long, bla bla bla" post.


I'll miss your blog, my friend, but I get it. And, at least we can still catch up on Insta and at DD. And, next time I come to the UK... :) xoxo

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