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heading into month three...

city cynic

The one thing I still have trouble with, and its shameful to say so, is that people around here are nice.  No ulterior motives. Not trying to con us, not trying to find out if we are worth a burglary, not trying to sell us anything, - nope, just being nice, friendly.  Genuinely helpful. kind, approachable. 

Of course people are kind in the city.  but.... not this friendly to strangers, genuinely interested in you, time to talk kind of nice. 
You'd think I'd be a more trusting soul - I was once known for my naivety about people not all being lovely, but apparently thats worn off; with age maybe, or because I married a businessman who has met every single type of dodgy type there is.  I am pretty disappointed in myself for thinking so cynically about people. I can only hope Wales rubs off on me and I stop assuming theres a possible con-man in everyone. 

Everyone is also related to, or lives by, someone who can help you with your next project/is selling what you want/knows the man you need. I love this. I am not quite sure what the heck anyone can recommend me for, but I look forward to making the local 'word of mouth' directory! 



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