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After being rather off colour this week due to a dodgy toasted cheese sandwich in a touristy cafe, {I know, how on earth can they screw up a cheese toastie??} I've got super fussy about what I am eating where. Its an interesting turn, as I am fussy enough already ;) {not a subway kind of girl..... ;) }
We eat out a lot, when I say eat out, I mean eat out of the house, not a swanky meal, more a breakfast/coffee break/family lunch.  I've been here three weeks or there abouts, and have already found some great eating spots. Yes, there are the chain coffee houses and restaurants here too, tho a bit further apart than in the city, but I'm loving the little people, the individual businesses. Or some of them anyway.... dodgy cheese sandwich cafe aside...

So two parts to this post - firstly I bet you too know the best places to eat in your neck of the woods. Maybe now is a great time to tell everyone, leave Facebook reviews, trip advisor reviews and tell the business themselves that they rock.  I work with smaller businesses online, and trust me, incase you don't already know, you leaving a good review, or saying hey you're so good at this to their face means the world to them, and can help their business so, so much. We all mean to, we just forget. Go do it now!

Public service announcement over, I also intend to give a shout out to great eating places I find around here.  

If it is swanky you're looking for, you cannot beat the Griffin pub just down the road from us. Its not cheap, its not an everyday kind of place but oh, its very good. 

If its ice-cream you need - an ice cream is sometimes a 'need' right? - then we have the very very best ice-cream parlour. And you get to support welsh milk production/British farmers too. #winwin. 

Hours is a favourite cafe for me, I tell you reluctantly incase you all go there and fill up the tables..... but then the Guardian told everyone already! 

Oh and of course, if the dog is welcome I already like it, and generally if its off the beaten tourist track I really like it ;) 


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