Bleach or horse feed; there is no in between
One week and a bit

go slowly.

Slowly. One of the hardest things for me since moving here is learning to not to rush.  My entire daily life was simply rushing. Hurry, hurry, hurry.
There is currently no school run cutting my day up, the animals are all right here; no rush to drive to them and sort them then dash home. The alarm clocks do not need setting. The soft light wakes everyone, if the excitement of being here doesn't.

My body is aching from lifting, walking, unpacking etc and I have to remind myself there's no great rush. That I have all the time in the world to unpack, to garden, to organise cupboards. Days are not split by hours, but more by morning/afternoon/evening. I'm making myself stop. Rest. Do things slowly. My head however seems still to be on Hampshire time and doesn't switch off as easily. We are all working on it. (with exception the teenager who trust me does not need to become more slow/chilled/relaxed!!!! )

Thrilled that this gentle way will become our way.


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