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I should have taken identical shots of my 21yo's room. It has been the same. I've left it rather messy so she can still come home and feel she belongs. But I cracked and cleaned it up. Now it no longer looks like her room and I feel like I've made a statement that it is not her room any more and somehow abandoned her. How crazy! Why don't they tell you about ALL these things when you are in anti-natal classes?!!


So well said. That is what I miss as well ... The mess. One of my very favorite layouts is says it all


Thank you for this. I am in the golden time and it's so easy to forget that's where I am. I needed the reminder this morning.

Donna Z (hendon) NZ

As I listen to DD age 8 slam two doors then yell at me because she can't do her homework, I'm trying to remind myself that one day I will miss this ;)

Donna Z (hendon) NZ

No seriously, your post about an empty bedroom made me sad. I totally get where you're coming from about not wishing the days/stages/mess away. I know one day I will miss the noise and standing on lego. I doubt the house will feel alive then. But no way can still having 2 children at home ever make up for the 2 that have left home! Big hugs to you during this time and I hope somehow it gets easier.

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