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Mel, I wish we could meet for coffee and have a big long teen grouch!! I'm not sure when teen-ism finishes, but it's NOT at 19! When she's on the phone to a friend and wants to ask me a question it's as if her body been inhabited by some gracious, good-humoured member of the spirit world. As soon as she hangs up the phone, the spirit departs her body and she is back to snarly, eye-rolly "as if you'd know", "whatever", "that was in YOUR day, Mum".....
But you're right about how heartwarming it is to see them with their friends. Love your page.


Hi. I discovered your blog through K. Kennedy interview on her site. Lovely! BTW, even though we live half a world apart, (you in GB, me in California) could it be we share the same daughter? I read that description to mine (laying on the sofa, eating and esp. changing clothes!) and she just laughed and said, "That is me!"

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