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You and I are alone in this - and every other parent I've spoken too!!! I hate some of this Americanisation of our culture, too (add McDonalds and KFC and Coke to the list). My girl's school has a regular dinner. It is not as elaborate as a prom but they refuse to wear a dress to more than one dinner. Ludicrous!
But at the end of all the moaning and groaning about money and peer pressure the night arrives and they look gorgeous and your heart swells - yes?
Georgia looks delightful!!


No offense taken and I am American.. I definitely agree with you it's gotten totally out of hand.. when I had my prom.. I got a pretty dress and my hair done.. my date drove his car and it was in a nice local hall.. now there are rolls royces, professional photographers, country clubs... don't know what we're supposed to do for a wedding. Even more ridiculous is the Jr high dance.. we're talking 13 year olds and one of the Mom's suggested that it be couples only... are you kidding me?

She did look lovely though :-)

Katrina Kennedy

Can I just say I love the parent you are? I have yuck memories around my own prom experience. And I'm right there with you on it being a party for party sake...just not worth the money and in 20 years she'll look back and laugh at the absurdity of it all.


Let me as another American weigh in with total agreement about the whole business of proms. It gets more out of hand each year with limos, horribly expensive dresses, dinner out, etc. Some parents even rent hotel rooms for their children -- ridiculous! With all this nonsense for the prom, I can't even begin to imagine what they must do for a wedding. But then, I'm old. Sorry for the rant, but your post really struck a nerve in me. Hang in there, Mel -- you're a great parent.


Georgia looks lovely (as always). Loved your post (another as always). You can count me in on believing that prom has gotten out of hand in the US. I can't believe the things some people do. It's a special dance, not an event.


I love your gift for expressing yourself, Mel. You always make me smile. Great post. Georgia looks like a princess. We watched Sweden's Princess Victoria's wedding on June 19th -- amazed at the wealth of European royalty. I realized it is those promenades that American Proms try to imitate. As Americans, we are naively unaware of the extravagances you mention. My daughter's prom was last month. Everyone had a casual day activity at a local carnival and got home with only an hour to shower and dress in their formal clothes. One girl changed her mind about the long dress she brought to wear and borrowed a "basic black" from my daughter. I got the posed group shots but missed the candid naturals, darn it! This year, our Prom omitted the promenade because the kids couldn't see a reason for it. Moms were disappointed but my daughter's friends said they enjoy casual dances more without the coat, tie and spiked heels. It's fun to hear about the customs in other places. Thanks for sharing.


She looks lovely! And it's not just a European attitude towards prom, it's more like a practical attitude! My family was the same way about it. I would get my nails done and buy a nice dress (on sale, of course), but that was about the extent of things. I never took a limo, did my own makeup, bought dresses I could reasonably wear again and went to dinner at middling restaurants. People just get caught up in everything too easily! xo

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